Christianity is often seen to be about services and praying and singing and whilst these things are part of any Christian’s life the primary thing that gets us excited are relationships.

We believe we have a relationship with God, something that is dynamic, joyful, real and active and in the same way we have been built to have relationships with others.  We believe that good friendships make for good church.

As with any friendship connecting with others is important; chances to talk and listen, to laugh and at times to cry are important in making relationships live and keeping relationships alive.

Social times are an important part of this and so we love to get together and eat and mess around.  From Hog Roasts to Discos and Quizzes, Barn Dances, to live bands and Sunday Breakfasts with craft, we love to get together and live life to the full.  Below are just a few of the things we do weekly or monthly, but we do so much more too.


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