Church Leaders

The leadership of Langney Community Church is made up of two “Elders”.  The job of an Elder is to seek God’s calling and direction for the church, and to ensure that the church is equipped to get there.





Kevin and his wife Barbara both live in Eastbourne and work in Moira House Girls School in Eastbourne, Kevin as Deputy Principal and Barbara working in the music department. The have both been involved in the church in Langney for many years with Kevin being an Elder for over 25 years.

Kevin and Barbara have three grown up children and Kevin enjoys fishing and occasional golf when he gets the opportunity in his busy schedule.

Kevin and particularly Barbara are involved (with others) in the creation and planning of socials such as ‘Crafty Toast’ alongside the general leadership of the church and Barbara heads the worship team.



Within the church we have groups or teams of people running various ministries who are directly overseen and accountable to the Elders, these include: children’s work; youth discipleship; youth outreach; community outreach; home groups and worship.  These teams are created to facilitate the growth ministries in the church and to help support those working in and around the church. 

In addition there are Trustees who manage the church finances and legal obligations to the Charity Commission, the Trust being chaired by Kevin.


With the Elders there are three ministry co-ordinators overseeing the active areas of church ministry including Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry and Worship.  Together they form the leadership team in the church.

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